About Us

Propertygh.com is Ghana's original and most dedicated property listing platform owned and managed by SKY iNOTECH LTD.

Other platforms owned and managed by the company includes:

1. https://www.trustautogh.com

This is Ghana's original Virtual Automobile Showroom that offers a safe haven and complete shield for car buyers in Ghana. Once you want to buy a car in a manner that protects your interest, then www.trustautogh.com is all you need.

2. https://www.iinnover.com

Known as Africa's original Freelancing Platform, if offers a place where one can find all kinds of expert talents for a particular service. For example, if you need a professional graphic designer or any other expert (from IT, Accounting, Audit, Surveying, Construction etc.) you can easily find the best of such talents with just a click on a button on www.iinnover.com and award the contract to the one you prefer.

3. https://www.classical-personaliety.com

In an age where how one speaks is increasingly becoming tool for getting big opportunities, you can rely on this platform to learn some practical Standard American Accent that adds a different touch to what people hear when you talk and the perceptions and decisions they take based on what they hear.

Cont' of Propertygh:

Fast becoming a household name due to its unmatched originality and dedication by the team in serving the property needs of the general public in Ghana, it offers a wide range of property solutions including but not limited to the following:

1. General property listing by agents for sale and rent by the public

2. Listing of properties for sellers and builders who wish to sell their properties through propertygh.com as their official agents.

3. Agent services for urban apartment owners and managers, hotels, guest houses, office buildings etc.

Several others.

Its CEO is Mr. Enoch Worlanyo Asempah, a passionate individual committed to serving humanity.


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