Buying a house in Ghana can be very complex and risky, especially due to the unregulated nature of the real estate sector. Right from choosing the appropriate location, finding the right property in that location, performing all necessary verifications, closing the deal and making agency payments, there is just so much stress and risk involved.

Due to all the complexities and risks comes a solution that simplifies the process for those seeking to avoid those risks and complexities, whether they are in Ghana or abroad.

So if you are just about going through the process of buying a property in Ghana, then this article is meant just for you.

1. Consider Expertise And Trustworthiness of Agency

First things first. One important factor to consider in choosing the right agency/platform to buy a property in 2023 is the expertise and the level of trust of the agency you want to settle on. Since the amount of money involved in purchasing a property is mostly huge, some due diligence will have to be done in selecting the right agency, an agency that “knows their stuff”. is a go-to agency you would love to settle on. It is a solid name that carefully helps you navigate all the complexities and risks in a manner that closes the deal just the way you wish and protects your interest, whether you are buying from Ghana or abroad. To better offer tailored services to home buyers, it operates a dedicated platform (ie. where buyers interact and transact with it instead of the usual broad marketing space that agents are known to utilize in Ghana. You may contact through telephone: +233 (0) 594859772 / +233 (0) 207070416 or

2. Cost Gains/Savings

Very critical in choosing the right agency/platform is the cost and financial gains to be made by choosing a particular agency. Considering the huge amount of money involved in buying a property, the little one can do to reduce his or her total cost burden is to choose an agency that offers some cost benefits.

For example, choosing means you will be getting a FREE CLEANING of all the rooms in any property you buy on the platform. This means you will not have to spend another huge amount of money just to pay for the services of cleaners to clean the rooms for you. In short, you will be saving yourself some thousands of Ghanaian Cedis by simply choosing to buy on which is the only platform currently offering this huge cost savings throughout Ghana.

Secondly, you will be entitled to full refund of any Registration Fees you pay at the start of the process right after the transaction is concluded for you. This implies another cost savings for you.

These two (2) major offers by certainly guarantees you some thousands of cedis in cost savings, and this can be a very great deal.

3. Area Report

There is only one platform in Ghana that offers an Area Report on all buildings/properties purchased on it. And that's

Buying a house is usually a lifetime decision that is very personal and quite emotional for many buyers. And a single mistake along the way can lead to huge regrets after the process.

This is why can not just join the crowd as "one of those agencies" but rather undertake a very comprehensive pre-purchase investigations about the "area" where the buildings clients select to buy are sited. So, by buying on you get to know a wide range of facts about where your property is located, including general security, flood and many more. Simply put, gives you a full picture of what to expect in the area your property is located.

4. Support Service

Be sure to choose an agency/platform that offers you almost a 24hour support service, whether you are in Ghana or abroad. An agency that you can trust to be available to get all your concerns addressed quickly and professionally towards closing the deal properly and in time. is a guaranteed solution in this area as well.


Buying a house in Ghana can be quite stressful and risky. And many agencies may be in with NO offers that give you some financial or cost savings. You therefore must be careful in choosing the platform that gets the job done just professionally and with almost a 24hour support service while giving you huge cost savings that run in to thousands of the Ghanaian cedis. offers the surest solution you need to get the deal properly closed.

You may contact through telephone: +233 (0) 594859772 / +233 (0) 207070416 WhatsApp: +233 (0) 207070416 or email:

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